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Solar Inverter Inspection

Solar Inverter Error Message

Is Your Solar Inverter Displaying Red or Orange Lights?

Pica Electrical can help with a solar inverter inspection!

Experiencing issues with your solar inverter can be concerning, but don't worry - the skilled technicians at Pica Electrical are here to help.

If your solar inverter is displaying red or orange lights, it's crucial to address the underlying problem promptly to maintain the efficiency and safety of your system.

Causes of Solar Inverter Red and Orange Lights

There are several common reasons why a solar inverter may display red or orange lights:

  • Overheating: The inverter may overheat due to high ambient temperatures, poor ventilation, or excessive load. This can cause the inverter to shut down and display a fault code.

  • Grid Faults: If the grid experiences voltage or frequency fluctuations, the inverter may detect a grid fault and shut down to protect the system, triggering a red or orange light.

  • Wiring Issues: Damaged wiring, loose connections, or improper installation can lead to isolation faults, which the inverter will detect and display as an error.

  • Component Failures: Over time, the inverter's internal components, such as capacitors or transistors, may wear out and cause the inverter to malfunction.

Identifying the Problem

When you notice a red or orange light on your solar inverter, the first step is to check the inverter's display for any error codes or fault messages. These codes can provide valuable information about the underlying issue, which can then be used to diagnose and resolve the problem during your solar inverter inspection.

Pica Electrical's Troubleshooting Expertise

At Pica Electrical, our licensed electricians are highly experienced in diagnosing and repairing solar inverter issues. We utilise testing equipment and techniques to:

  • Locate the source of the fault, whether it's in the wiring, the inverter itself, or the grid connection

  • Isolate the problem and implement temporary fixes to restore power

  • Repair or replace any damaged components, ensuring the inverter is operating safely and efficiently

  • Implement preventive measures to mitigate future occurrences

Why Choose Pica Electrical?

Schedule Your Solar Health Check Today!

Don't let a red or orange light on your solar inverter go unaddressed. Trust the experts at Pica Electrical to diagnose and resolve the issue, ensuring your solar system continues to operate at its best. Schedule your solar health check today and keep your renewable energy production running smoothly.

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